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Protecting the environment

Neal spearheaded several environmental protection measures as Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources of the Florida Senate in the 1980s. Today he continually seeks opportunities that follow his philosophy of considering the land first to maintain it for future generations.

He leads by example. He integrates his homes peacefully with the environment, always striving to preserve natural habitats. The Neal design integrity and commitment to building award-winning and environmentally sound communities and homes enables Neal Communities to help secure a more promising future for all of us. Neal's Grand Palm and Central Park communities have been awarded the Green Development Designation and Aurora Awards and many Neal homes have the Florida Green building Coalition (FGBC) certification. Additionally, Neal was awarded Green builder of the year by the FGBC for its commitment to building to green standards and certifying the most homes in Florida for the last six consecutive years.

In 2014, the family unveiled the Neal Nature Preserve, a 120-acre parcel of land conveyed to Manatee County in 2005.

The Neal’s donated the land to the county at a significantly reduced price in order to preserve its pristine wetlands and create a protected preserve for the enjoyment and education of the community.

The park features a mix of recreational opportunities, including a bike trail, picnic pavilion, boardwalk, wildlife observation point, a launch for canoes and kayaks, on-site parking, kiosk and restrooms. The park also offers opportunities for environmental and archeological study.

The Neal Preserve is home to 106 acres of unspoiled Mangrove wetlands that support a rich and varied ecosystem. The remaining acreage is comprised of beautiful uplands dotted with native plants, trees and wildlife. The land is also the repository of significant archeological records and is part of an ongoing study of native tribes who occupied the area as early as 1000 BC. That history will be honored with interpretive signage throughout the Preserve.

Environmental Advocacy In Action